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RedBus2US on Twitter Bio ( <140 Chars)

Business & IT professional with passion for Technology, Mobility, Marketing, Leadership, Social Media http://goo.gl/rMAz9

What’s makes me different ?

  • Education :  Business education(MBA, Marketing) coupled with strong technical background ( B.S, M.S in Comp Sci)
  • Work Experience :  Manager – Center of Excellence,  Delivery Manager, Enterprise Mobility Analyst,  Business Analyst, Techno-Functional Consultant, Market Research & Strategy, and Digital Marketing.
  • Personality Type : Myers-Briggs Type Indicator – ENFJ
    • Extraversion – gains energy from working with people –> ideal team player
    • iNtuition – focuses on bigger picture –> strategic vision
    • Feeling – personal consideration for decisions –> think from customers’ perspective and social implications
    • Judgement – planning and decisions early –> organized,  better strategic planning, decisions
  • Soci0cultural background : Born and raised in India for 20 years. Living in US for  over 6 years experiencing different cultures, meeting people from different ethnicities. Professional work experience leading/collaborating with Argentinians, Indians, Americans, British, French, Germans, and Australians.
    • ideal experience and exposure, where world is flat !
    • Nurtures “thinking outside the box”, as I look at problems from various perspectives.
  • Business Liaison : Can think and talk Business jargon with business people and Geeky technical jargon with IT folks.
    • great asset for Business/ Marketing roles, including leadership.
  • Analytical Skills : Strong Math & Analytical background (MS and BS in Computer Sciences) coupled with Business Analytics (MBA) for strategic planning, decisions.
    • indispensable skill for  Analyst / Leadership roles
  • Personal Hobbies : Salsa Dancing, break dancing, Tae-kwon-do, playing guitar, blogging, writing poems, outdoor extreme sports like skydiving, bungee jumping, etc.

Interested in connecting with me ? email me Satheesh Kumar ILU Email