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Marketing Projects

MBA Course work projects

  • Buyer Behavior and Marketing communications – Understand the buying patterns and evolution of Online stock brokerage
  • Marketing Strategy – Simulation of real time marketing scenarios  with full fledged firm, marketing budget, etc using Markstrat by Stratx
  • Marketing Management, Strategy – Integrated Marketing Plan for a startup company.
  • eBusiness Strategy – Tactical Marketing planning with Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media Strategy, SEO, Web 2.0.

MBA Internship projects :

  • Strategic Marketing Plan for Enhanced Automation
  • Tactical Marketing Plan for Enhanced Automation including digital media strategy, social media strategy and web 2.0
  • Market research for new market entry
  • Product Marketing for new product creation

Other Projects :

  • RedBus2US.com –  Community and Blog for International students and professionals.  Gets about 182,000 visitos a month primarily leveraging market need, Social Media strategy, SEO and Web 2.0.